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What is helloverify?

Helloverify is a leading background screening company in India.
We provide a compliant & robust background screening process to help individuals, small businesses, and enterprises build successful relationships with their applicants based on trust and safety.


With the advent of the sharing economy paradigm, the need for people to be able to trust othersis amplified.With increasing fraud rates, the need for a credible and fast background check system is more important than ever. The absence of basic background information around an individual is one of the biggest hurdles in the way of people trusting others, dealing with them and offering key services.

helloverify creates a seamless experience through its technology platform that is cost effective and provides results instantly from trusted verification sources. It helps prevent fraud by finding facts about individuals. The online service acts as a means of authenticating and objectively verifying an individual’s identity, litigation case status, educational qualification, credit assessment and employment history - thereby enabling commercial transactions and hiring decisions to take place between two parties. Whether you are a corporate or a startup looking to hire new employees or a homeowner seeking to verify your driver's driving license or a landlord wanting to ascertain your tenant’s credit score - we provide a wide range of services at affordable rates & quick turnaround time.

The absence of basic background and creditworthiness information around an individual is one of the biggest hurdles in the way of people trusting others and dealing with them. In India, less than 5 per cent of structured data is available on individuals’ background.


Our Services

Enterprise & Small Business Solution – Employee Background Screening
Who is it for : Large Enterprise & Small Business

The process of identifying, interviewing and selecting a suitable candidate for various roles in your company is a time consuming and often quite expensive activity. So it’s especially important to get it right by using effective employee screening processes. Not just from an identity perspective, but also the qualifications and experience they may claim to have.

Personal & Tenant Solution - Tenant and Individual Background Screening
Who is it for : Consumers (Homeowners, Landlords)

Individual’s needs for background screening are massive with increasing fraud rates and criminal activities in India. Our various individual solutions cater to these problems giving you informed decision making ability to secure your home. Our tenant screening services equip the customer with the facts and information needed before executing a high value transaction for your home rental requirements

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Widely Chosen Checks

Identity check – This check involves validation of candidate's passport, PAN card, Voter Card.

Education Check -This check involves verifying the authenticity of candidate's educational and professional qualifications from respective universities/colleges.

Criminal Check Via Court -A search for records of criminal charges against the candidate is conducted in various courts. Public sourced websites and private databases which contain case references and records are searched.

Address Check - Residential Address is verified by a physical site visit. Our field staff visits the provided address of the candidate as stipulated by the client.

Past Employment Check - A candidate's past employment records are verified, which includes verifying designation, remuneration, tenure, etc. with the human resource department and/or reporting manager via e-mail, telephone or a physically visiting companies.

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